Adapting Growth Teams to Evolving Business Needs

Adapting Growth Teams to Evolving Business Needs

As companies scale, growth challenges evolve. Marketing strategies that work early on often lose effectiveness as the business matures. This requires growth teams to adapt their focus and capabilities over time.

We take an agile approach to align our squads to partners' changing needs. As David Manela, Managing Partner, explained:

“The way we approach every single partnership is to deploy the right team at the right time, and deploying the right team at the right time means it is a team that is able to answer the demand of the business today and can start to deploy the playbook that you need for the next six to twelve months.”

We evolve squads to match each phase. For example:

If, in the beginning, the baseline squad was made up of campaign management, CRM management, BI management, creative, executive, product management. As the stakes start to increase, we deploy statisticians, data scientists, backend developers that are able to strengthen the backbone of the squads.

As challenges shift from acquisition to retention and platform optimization, we remix talents and focus areas accordingly.

This flexible team structure enables several benefits:

  • Teams Matched to Current Needs
    We reshuffle capabilities to address evolving priorities, ensuring relevance.
  • Playbooks Aligned to Future Goals
    Squads balance driving today’s results with building needed capacities.
  • Added Analytical Firepower
    As the business matures, we incorporate more technical talent like data scientists.
  • Strengthened Infrastructure
    We invest to upgrade underlying data pipes, BI, and tooling.

Continuously realigning teams and focus areas keeps growth engines highly effective over time. What works at $10M rarely scales the same at $100M.

The information provided to the team enhances their performance and contributes to improved outcomes.

As we continue to evolve our growth teams at Exactius, our focus remains firmly on delivering specific, measurable results. We equip businesses with growth engines tailored to their unique stages, utilizing a data-driven approach for precision and effectiveness. Our cross-functional squads, comprising experts in areas such as BI management, CRM, and advanced data analytics, work in sync to address current needs while preparing for future challenges. This methodical approach has proven effective in varied industries, ensuring our clients not only meet but surpass their growth objectives, backed by our comprehensive data platform and strategic insights.